"Music is Life and Flow is Fundamental" - DJ/MC Wayno

With experience since the vinyl days, a passion for music and a love for making memories, Press Play Entertainment's tight network of DJs, MCs and Hosts have the know how to prepare and make your event come to life. 

High quality equipment, extensive library, professional operation and relaxed vibe are just the basics!! Press Play have Mic's, Lights, Smoke and Foam Machines galore and are backed by experienced AV Technicians ready to take it to the next level.
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DJ, MC and Hosted Services can be broken up into several different styles due to the different approach, expectations, tailoring and requirements;   'Weddings, Galas and Ceremonies', 'Venue Events and Functions', 'Parties and Celebrations', 'Special Set-ups and Hosted Events' and 'Club Gigs, Solid Sets and Party Events'

Weddings, Galas and Ceremonies

With over 3 years of Wedding DJ and 8 years of Hotel Banquet Management experience, matching service and style with desires and expectations has become second nature.

Press Play Ent. do not believe in charging premium pricing simply due to being a wedding... however... we offer every bell and whistle desirable to complete your special event should you desire.

Be a chilled Bride-to-be or ultimate Bride-zilla, Neurotic Events Manager or Unorganised Receptionist... we can match our service and style to your expectations and budget to ensure your night is complete.
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Venue Events and Functions

Whether it's adding a DJ to your event to draw the crowd, the decision of a band or DJ for work parties, looking for the ideal DJ and Style to suit your themed event, deciding the entertainment for the end of year social or just require a simple music solution for your function... Press Play Ent. have you covered!

Dinners, Cocktails, Mingles, Banquets, Awards, Launches, Promotions.. you name it.. we tailor our services to it!!
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Parties and Celebrations

Hip Hip Hooray!! A party is never complete without music. Be it a 21st Birthday or 50th Anniversary, Mid Season Shindig or an Elegant Evening with Friends.. Press Play Ent. are the crew to bring the party.

With versatile booking options to suit all budgets and desires, having a DJ at your next party is easier than ever!
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Special Set-ups and Hosted Events

Even we are amazed at the amazing places we set-up to MC or play music and the clients we service... From a Country Rodeo to a Shopping Centre Retail Shop.. At a Gym Open Day or Corporate Games Day... The opportunities are endless!!

With master Hosting, Announcing and MC skills and experience, Press Play Ent. can service Trivia, Game and Auction Nights, Host Awards and Galas and even MC complex Expo's and Fairs.
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Club Gigs, Solid Sets and Party Events

A gig where people come for the music is a DJs dream.. where we play our bangin' sets and ride with the crowd. Our DJs have stayed true to thier roots and offer a range of popular music genres incl Deep/Tech House, Electro House, Melbourne Bounce, Big Beat Psy, Sunday Sessions, RnB and more...

With complete HUGE SOUND and THEMED DECOR available, we can create the party where it's needed!
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Looking For Event Staging, PA, Projection?

Maybe Performers, Entertainment, Staffing or Complete Management?

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And Even More Fun and Funky DJ Services.....               

Putting years of DJ'ing skills to good use...

With over 14 years DJ experience within our Tribe Leader alone... its a great time to jump on these awesome offers:

Custom Dance Choreography Remix

Some say its cheesy, others not.. but one thing is for sure that a Husband/Wife choreographed dance to their favorite tracks is a main memory for years to come and a great way to get the Party Time started!

Starting at just $80.00, Its easy for us to arrange a short 2-3 min set with just 4 or 5 favorite dance songs and your favorite slow dance. Just add some simple moves and you are away!

DJ Lessons and Gift Vouchers

Learning to DJ has been on most peoples list at some stage of their life though most never do. With DJ equipment being at our fingertips more than ever, and Music being cheaper and easier to access than ever... Why Not when only $65 for single 1hr Intro

Be it for sheer fun and hobby, or to start the journey to playing live and recording sets, the Pro's at Press Play can create the perfect training method to suit your abilities, desires and music style preferences
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