'We Don't Stop Playing Because We Grow Old... We Grow Old 'Cos We Stop Playing' - Someone That Is Right

To be completely honest... we are constantly thinking of new ways to let loose, get a little dirty, party with our tribe and fill the air with fun and laughter!! The benefit is that with every great idea we have (that works out at least!) it gives us another funky entertainment service to offer!

So don't be afraid to be the one convincing your mates or family to try something different... that it's in their head that they are 'Too Old' for stuff... that it can actually be fun to do random, different, new or alternative things... or that the bar tab doesn't have to be the main focus of the celebration.
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The opportunities and possibilities are so endless with Celebration Fun! Below is our best shot at a list, split up into a few styles; 'Hosted Set-Ups', 'Themed Parties', 'Group Activities', 'Kids and Teen Solutions' and 'A Knight To Remember'

Hosted Set-Ups

Ready to fit the bill for almost any party, our Hosted Set-Ups are sure to be a hit for those that love to do stuff. With options including Murder Mystery Dinner, Casino Gaming Night, Pub Game Comp and Home Cinema Hangout to name a few, there is sure to be fun for everyone! If not yet... what about Foam or Mud Party?!

Whether it be complete organisation and running, or just a little helping hand with set-up, content or props, we love pressing Play on fun and unique parties!
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Themed Parties

Concentrating more on theme, decoration and accessories while involving less activity than Hosted Set-Ups, Themed Parties are perfect for those looking to PIZAAZ! their next party.

Casino Royale, The Dress-Up Box, UV Party Palace, Snowed In, Psycadellic Garden Party, Mardi Gras and Cocktail Countdown are just a few crazy and unique Party Themes on offer. Be it a small themed party or an elaborate layout with custom decor... let us Press Play for you!
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Group Activities

A cold drink with mates while having a laugh and joke at the suprisingly active, challenging and extremely fun day of activity just had is like an after party of its own.. be it on the Beach, at a Watering Hole or back at home!

Are you filling in a spare day for the wedding group? Are your family or friends bored with your Netflix options? Or simply sick of the same old stuff for your celebrations? Our Beach Survivor Challenge, Car Rally, Park Play Day, Scavenger Hunt, Fire Flow or Circus Workshops, Round Robin Mini-Comp Series or Wheely Wicked Activity are sure to get you interested!
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Kids and Teen Solutions

While we do not see ourselves as Children's Party suppliers... our mates over at 'Wanna Play' definitely are... and they are good at it! With our powers combined we are sure to make epic Kids and Teen parties that fit outside of the usual 'Kids Party' box.

 Put us in chats with the one you find hard to cater for and you will be amazed at the possibilities! Big Screen Gaming, Skirmish Wars, Inflatable Dance Floor, Skilled Workshops, Gigantic Slip n Slide, RC Mayhem... or even a DJ, Dance and Party workshop! 

With cranking beats and setups to match, we offer modern and relatable parties to suit the very varied desires of the youth these days!!
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Do you need an MC for your next event? Looking for an experienced DJ?... Did i hear you ask 'Custom Wedding Remix Dance Track'?   

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Because Chivalry Shall Never Die.......


'A Knight To Remember'

Our newest serviced offering for the Romantics, the Gentlemen, the Bold and the soon to be Adored!!

First Up....

Have a desire to spoil your loved one, partner, wifey or better-half..


Pick your date, know something special for her and get in touch with us..

And Before Long....

Your lover will enjoy the greatest of surprises while you enjoy her delight
Wait no more.... Show your loved one why you are the Knight To Be Remembered!!
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